Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Black Men, take us away

I would like this commercial if it didn't have such obvious anti-white overtones.  The most obvious being this massive hulking figure, cut from Mt. Olympus.  Of course he is black.  Would it be any other way in this jew run anti white media blitz?  The driving exclamation point is when we see the fat, pasty, old white woman getting her ancient panties wet when she sees the roided up monkey directing traffic.  Geico knew what it was doing when they made this demographic.  It wasn't an asian, or a Mexican, or even another black lady.  It was an older white woman.  This is showing all of us that we have to follow darks.  We have to accept and acknowledge how much more powerful they are over us.  In the end of the commercial two goofy white idiots tell us how happy these blacks are now that they have complete control.  Anti-Racist is code for Anti-white.

Just think this:  Would YOUR grandma be impressed by a member of another race like this?  I hope not.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

White men are girly, need black help.

This commercial hasn't been put on TV since last football season, and I all but forgot about it, until today.  I believe anti-white media featured this on their site last year.  I won't try to mimic what he said.  You're more than welcome to check his archive, he always puts these best.  I love that the jew based advertisers just picked some big nig player as a spokesperson, even though no one knows he is!  The dummy caveman has to tell all of us - "hey, YOU'RE Brian Arackpo" or however you spell his name, I won't look it up.  The white jerk could never get on the field if it wasnt for the big strong darky.  Pitiful.  The sorry white caveman is so emasculated.  He's wearing heels, he's in a cheerleader uniform, he's generally sissy.  The black just laughs.  Typical left advertising.  Football used to be just an entertaining game.  Take a look next Sunday and actually watch the commercials.  Count how many "ethnic," spokesmen there are these days...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

That don't be lookin' like U

Negro ballet star Carmello Anthony is on god-level status to most of the sheep in this country.  This commercial is for Foot Locker and quickly pans to their target demo: young stupid darks who steal money to buy trendy clothes.  Anthony has so much money that he buys extra clothes and dresses his slaves with them.  Oh, it's ok because he is black.  His friend says that the last Anthony look alike doesn't look like him.  Haha, because he's white.  Not a good looking square jawed athletic guy, but a frail, super white, impish moron.  Anthony tells his friend to apologize to 'Melo 5.'  When he does the white idiot looks down in shame.  The underlying racist tones don't even need to be spoken of anymore.  The blatancy of anti-white media is too obvious these days.
Our motto is "anti-racism means anti-white."  Every thing I see is anti-white.   

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Epitamy of Racism

I know this gets old to us normal white folks from all over the world, but imagine, just IMAGINE if there was a site that could advertise on regular television a place for only white people to meet other white people.  The outrage, the horror, the backlash would be in-fucking-credible.  What would be the first thing people would say?  It's a Nazi site of course!  But it's not a problem that only blacks should be with blacks.  You know, if this was true that would be fine, you should be with your own people.  Everyone should.  Even low down dirty bottom feeders deserve other bottom feeders.  Side note- that's why blacks love Catfish, they are bottom feeding cheap scum sucking fish.  Actually I hope this campaign works, stop taking little teen white girls who don't know any better and want to piss their fathers off.  Once you go black you never go back, because you are USED, and a proud white will never love you again.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here's a good representation of America

Here's a "campy," photo of the US women's basketball team after they won an Olympic Gold medal.  They claim it was meant to have fun but I doubt it.  I'm sure that monkey in the mid-left-center row wanted to make sure everyone know they were real "real." Pfft, stupid world lets show dem how mean we are.  Do you think that the Russian team or the Lithuanian team or Team Spain would do something this primitive? I love the mixed bitch on the right with the "well I guess we did it, whatever" face.  The only one that appears white is doing some stupid wrestling pose near the bottom of the picture.  They won't even let her look at the camera, she's the only one! Dumb honky you don't look at camera, we the winners, not you.  Thanks girls, you really make us look good.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

And now for something completely different

We here at NTNS deal with pretty much all negative all the time, documenting the fall of our great race in America.  However, there are some fun times here and then.  Here's one from a few years ago on a game show that used to be for white America.  Now the host is a monkey in an oversized suit, pandering to tribal villagers that don't have jobs and suck off the Gov'ment.  Enjoy.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whitey gets beat, Darky is cool

This is from the No subtlety needed category.  This might even be my shortest post yet, just watch the video.  The mean looking black in the middle is flanked by two dorky, fair skinned whites as they think of how poorly a sparring session went.  We see a BLACK boxer only punch the two whites.  He tells them to put their guard up while the dorkier guy with glasses puts his hand up like an idiot, silly gay looking guy doesn't even know what that means.  They then both proceed to get punched while the cool, smooth monkey in the middle is untouched and unharmed.  Haha, stupid whites you will always get assaulted and you deserve it.
Luckily they pulled these ads pretty quick, I would like to believe that there was a backlash about the commercials but i'm sure they just were not that popular.  Blacks don't go to somewhat higher end dinner chains so they never saw this anyway.